It’s undeniable: The impacts of climate change affect everyone from changes in frequency and intensity of extreme weather events (i.e. heat waves, droughts, and floods), changes in the patterns and amount of rainfall, worsening air and water quality, and the increasing spread of certain diseases.

Burning of fossil fuels and other human activities that emit greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide have significantly contributed to climate change. Globally and within the United States, the building sector accounts for a significant amount of all energy-related carbon dioxide emissions.
Building Operators play a vital role in the fight aga
inst climate change. Through enhancing their building’s operations and maintenance, not only can they reduce carbon emissions, but they can also save their building between 5% and 20% on energy costs.

32BJ Training Fund offers over 20 Green Buildings courses and quick-courses that teach best practices for sustainable operation and maintenance (O&M) that help building operators reduce their building’s energy use, conserve water, save money, and provide a cleaner and healthier building to live in.

Green Buildings courses are organized into Green Residential and Green Commercial and include free testing for various certifications/credentials. Internationally recognized credentials such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) are also offered.

For a livable climate and a sustainable and resilient environment, the future is green.

Recommended Courses
Green Residential I: BPI Multifamily Building Operator (MFBO)
Green Commercial I: GPRO Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP)
Green Professional I: LEED Green Associate
Green Professional II: LEED AP (O+M)

Recommended Quick Courses
Green Buildings: Advanced Air Sealing
Green Buildings: Combustion Safety & Efficiency Testing
Green Residential: Recycling for Multifamily Buildings
Green Commercial: Recycling

Our Commitment: At 32BJ SEIU, we believe everyone has a responsibility to reduce our environmental impact and fight climate change. When we relocated to the Flatiron District in 2011, not only did we meet green building standards for our 25 West 18th Street office but we also created a 32BJ Sustainability Committee to continue improving our operations and reducing our carbon footprint. 32BJ Sustainability Reports categorize our progress and document our successes, metrics, and future plans.